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October 18, 2021 – 12:11 am
Sparrow Bakery - ANNELIE KAHN"It's HA-MA Time!"—2 legit to solve.
Matt Jones

1 Fizzling firecracker
4 Aquarium growth
8 Crumbly coffeehouse buy
13 "Cheerleader" singer 14 Fishing line holder
15 James Cameron blockbuster film
16 Another name for #, before it became a "tag"
18 Certain VWs
19 Event for someone who displays a "13.1" bumper sticker
21 "Dr. Mario" platform
22 Air France destination
23 Dix + dix 26 Writer Kesey
28 Pet advocacy org.
32 ___ En-lai 33 Crankcase container
35 The Sugarhill Gang's genre
36 Highbrow monthly that's the second-oldest continuous publication in the U.S.
39 William McKinley's First Lady
40 Deletes
41 Baseball's Vizquel
42 Result of rolling in the dough, maybe?
44 "The Chronicles of Narnia" monogram
45 In an abundant way
46 1978 hit song with notable letters
48 "Doctor Who" airer
49 Adam Sandler's production company, named after two of his films
54 Comic strip frames 55 Nastygrams
58 3/4-time dance
59 "True dat!"
60 2015 Melissa McCarthy comedy
61 Duel preludes
62 Pigeon fancier on "Sesame Street"
63 Clod-breaking tool

1 "I just realized I messed up" outburst
2 "Be Cool" actress Thurman
3 Spoon companion, in a nursery rhyme
4 Band on a sleeve
5 Toronto Maple ___ (hockey team)
6 Hand sanitizer target
7 ___-Seltzer
8 Wife of Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev
9 "___ Clown" (Everly Brothers song)
10 Palindromic name
11 Palindromic bread
12 Urgent care center alternatives
15 Barely open
17 End a call 20 2008 presidential candidate
23 Monitoring device in some 1990s TVs
24 "If ___ nickel ..."
25 Ephron and Dunn, for two
26 Stadium display where you'll see couples smooching
27 "___ World" ("Sesame Street" segment)
29 Groom fastidiously
30 Word after ear or Erie
31 Copycatting
33 Iron source
34 Artist's rep.
37 Some may be good to set
38 Movie like "Shaun of the Dead" or "Warm Bodies"
43 Prepare for editing
45 Classless?
47 Dermatologist's concern
48 Challenge for a dog trainer, maybe
49 Icy pellets
50 Faris of films
51 "Call me Ishmael" speaker
52 Judi Dench, e.g.
53 "A Beautiful Mind" mathematician
54 Some Brit. statesmen

  • Annelie Kahn
  • Sparrow Bakery

As Bend continues to grow, so too does its food scene. And while dinner tends to get all the attention, we think breakfast and lunch are equally worthy of celebration.

Think about it: Eating breakfast for dinner is a thing. Dinner for breakfast? Not so much. That is, unless you’re eating last night’s pizza. (Always a solid option.)

But if you’re craving cardamom French toast, biscuits and gravy, or a classic Rueben, come this way. Let us guide you through Central Oregon’s remarkably diverse array of dining options for the daylight hours.

And because those first meals of the day aren’t necessarily going to be at a fancy table, with cloth napkins and mood lighting—we included sections for coffee shops and food carts. (We see you with the breakfast bagel answering email on your laptop.) We also included some suggestions for which spots are most kid—or dog—friendly and which would be good for a lunch meeting.

Treat yourself...realistically.

To indulge oneself doesn't always have to break the bank. Some of the greatest pleasures in life are reasonably priced or even cheaper than that. Here are ten things that cost between absolutely nothing and $165.00 that can either be purchased locally or from Etsy that I (somewhat) guarantee will make your life better (for at least a little while).
breaking-bad-complete-box-set-666.jpg url.jpg 53a04e21ee01e_-_cos-02-lindsay-lohan-mean-girls-de.jpg url-1.jpg


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