The Rugrats Movie

June 7, 2015 – 03:37 pm
The Rugrats Movie
Producer Gabor Csupo
Arlene Klasky
Director Igor Kovalyov
Writers David N. Weiss
Previous None

The Rugrats Movie is a 1998 American animated film, based on the TV series. The movie introduces Tommy's baby brother, Dil (who was named after Didi's cousin). From onwards, Dil appears as a regular character.


The movie starts off with a parody of the 1981 fantasy adventure film, titled Okey Dokey Jones. The babies attempt to reach a bowl of bananas and ice cream but can't reach, and are eventually chased out of the temple by a boulder, which turns out to be a pregnant Didi, causing the babies to run away, and run straight into the sliding door window. Didi is at her baby shower at her home, where she is pregnant with her and Stu's second child, which everyone believes will be a female. Stu is in the basement, building a Reptar-related toy - the Reptar Wagon, for a contest held by the Reptar Corporation to win 500 dollars. Stu believes it is the perfect children's toy, and that it will make his toy company famous. Back in Tommy's room, Tommy is at first enthusiastic about having a younger sister, although Angelica warns him that once the sibling is born, Stu and Didi will forget about him. While Tommy explains that he will not be forgotten, Angelica hears Susie sing about how good a baby is, Angelica, annoyed at this, decides to interrupt and join in, but only to sing mean and selfish things about them. Angelica yells loudly at the end, causing Didi to exclaim that the baby is on its way. Everyone rushes out and goes to Dr. Lipschitz's Maternity Arts hospital. Tommy and the rest of the gang think that his baby sister is lost, so they decided to go out and buy a new one, and go on a search to find another baby. They end up in a room with many newly born babies, who break out into song about the new world they're in. Eventually, Lou and Boris find the babies, and take them to the hospital room. At the hospital room, the baby is delivered by Lucy Carmichael, and to their surprise, it turns out to be a male, who they name Dylan Prescott Pickles (or "Dil" for short). Tommy and the others arrive, and Didi presents him to Dil, at first, it appears they take a liking to each other, until Dil grabs and swings Tommy's nose around. This causes Tommy to start theme crying, which in turn sets Dil off. vpn for mac os: лучших vpn для mac.


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  • avatar How many Rugrats movies are there?
    • There have been 3 studio releases.The last being Rugrats Go Wild in 2003. Poor Chuckie.Cheers and