Disney's Hollywood Studios - Great Movie Ride

July 14, 2019 – 01:31 am
The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride


If you're a movie buff, then you won't want to miss seeing some old favorites in the Great Movie Ride. This attraction is housed in a full-scale replica of Hollywood's legendary Graumann's Chinese Theater. In the cement outside the theater you'll find hand, foot (and paw) prints of popular Disney stars and characters.

The ride itself takes about 19 minutes, but that's not taking the Great Movie Ride queue into consideration. The wait usually isn't too bad, but ask the Cast Member monitoring the line just in case you have something planned and may not have the time to do this one.

The queue for the Great Movie Ride is one of the more entertaining lines to wait on. The theater "lobby" is pretty impressive. The first part is where you'll see movie memorabilia such as the carousel horse from Mary Poppins and one of the three pairs of ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz.

The Great Movie Ride photoThe next queue section has you weaving back and forth while watching movie clips on the big screen. Pay attention since these are a glimpse of what you'll see recreated inside.

From here, you enter a cavernous set where "ushers" will direct you to the large trams. These are actually two sets of trams that split up early into the show. Depending on which section you're in, your tram is hijacked by either a gangster or a Western bandit while your hapless host/hostess is left behind.

The Great Movie Ride photo Using film footage, special effects and Audio-animatronic figures of famous actors, guests are treated to scenes from "Casablanca", "Tarzan", "Mary Poppins", "Singin' in the Rain", "Fantasia, " "Wizard of Oz", "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Alien".

The finale features a sentimental film montage sure to bring a smile. Old and new clips are combined in a memorable recollection of some classic movie moments.


Handicapped Accessibility: Guests using ECVs must be able to transfer to a wheelchair.

Tip: The Alien scene on the Great Movie Ride is quite intense and may be frightening to children.

  • Rainkiss - "I really did enjoy this... but then, I'm old enough to remember almost all the featured movies, or to get the references. With young kids who are likely to be scared by the storyline or not know what the movies are, probably better to skip."
  • kymickeyfan717 - "This is a good attraction to get out of heat. The only downside is that some people may not know anything about some of the movies displayed"

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