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January 26, 2022 – 05:32 am

Lucas FinkThankfully, there are free, official practice SATs out there. There are four of them, to be exact (at least, four in the current SAT format; there are more of the old test). And that’s about as many as most people could really ask for. It’s a rare student who sits down to take a four-hour practice test four different times and then asks for more.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t take more than four. It would be great if every student could prepare for a full year, devote hundreds of hours to focused practice and lessons, and take a dozen full length tests, but that’s not realistic (as much as I enjoy the SAT, even I probably wouldn’t go that far). The point is that the rest of your SAT prep will also take up your time and energy–never mind school work–so you probably won’t end up taking more than four full-length tests anyway. So this is perfect.

Source of the Free SAT Tests

Where do those free tests come from? Each year, the College Board offers one free practice SAT on their site And at some time during the summer or fall each year, they change out which test is linked there. Through the past 8 years, since the arrival of the (not so) new SAT, the board has cycled through four different tests on their site. You can only access one from their site now, but the others are always floating around in the depths of the internet, somewhere. So without further ado, here they all are:

You might find practice tests linked on other sites or forums named by the year they appeared on the site, but these are the only four official SATs that have been given as free tests since the change. The College Board has just cycled through them. Here’s which test was provided in which year(s):

  • ‘04 – ‘05: A
  • ‘05 – ‘06: B
  • ‘06 – ‘07: C
  • ‘07 – ‘08: B
  • ‘08 – ‘09: C
  • ‘09 – ‘10: D
  • ‘10 – ‘11: C
  • ‘11 – ‘12: D
  • ‘12 – ‘13: C
  • ‘13 – ‘14: D

All four of these tests were actual SATs, administered from 2005 to 2006. The test hasn’t changed at all since then, so they’re all perfect representations of what you might actually see on test day.

(The Blue Book)

If you are looking for more practice tests (or more material in general, really), then the next place to go is, without a doubt The Official SAT Study Guide.

In The Official SAT Study Guide, there are ten more full length tests. Three of those were actually administered; the other seven were written exclusively for the official guide by the same folks who make the real tests. Those seven give you score ranges at the end, rather than precise scores, but they’re still very valuable.


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