20 Upcoming Animated Movies We Can't Wait to See

September 17, 2019 – 06:33 am

There's certainly no shortage of quality animated movies these days. The LEGO Movie and Frozen are only two of the most recent examples, but the coming years have an enormous slate of exciting cartoon flicks that we can't wait to lay our eyeballs on.

We thought it'd be fun to take a look at what we're most excited to see, in order of release date, from Summer 2014 all the way ahead to Christmas 2017.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

One of our surprise favorites in recent years, How to Train Your Dragon is getting a sequel this summer and we couldn’t be more amped. The return of Hiccup and Toothless means not only the return of breathtaking animated dragon dog-fighting, but also the return of that dangerous beast known as feelings.

The Boxtrolls

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ParaNorman was one of the most progressive and clever animated flicks in the last couple of years, and the new offering from Laika – the studio behind ParaNorman and Coraline – looks just as enticing. Based on Alan Snow’s novel Here Be Monsters!, The Boxtrolls is the story of Eggs, an orphan raised by the titular Boxtrolls, a species that dwells below the fictional English town of Ratbridge.

We’d be willing to give this one a shot based on Laika’s previous efforts alone, but it doesn’t hurt that the trailer is pretty great too.

Book of Life

A fantastical coming-of-age animated tale produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by Jorge Gutierrez, Book of Life looks to hold all of the usual charm expected from a del Toro joint. Better yet, Gutierrez made a point in a recent interview to say that his goal with Book of Life was to ensure that the movie would look exactly like the concept art. Going by the first pieces of concept art that were released, this is quite an exciting mandate.

Big Hero 6

Marvel is no stranger to their characters being animated, but this marks the first time since being acquired by Disney in 2009 that Disney Animation Studios will be doing the animating. Even more exciting is the obscure nature of the property. Big Hero 6 focuses on the fictional superhero team led by the young Hiro Hamada, and created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau back in 1998.

If Big Hero 6 is successful, there’s no telling what depths of the Marvel Universe that Disney Animation Studios could mine.

Ratchet and Clank

Release Date: Early 2015

We want to hear it.

One of the last decade’s greatest gaming duos is coming to the big screen early next year, written by T.J. Fixman of Insomniac Games. Not only can we assume Ratchet and Clank’s flick will be sticking close to the source material thanks to the hands-on approach of Insomniac, but it also covers the origin of the storied relationship, which should be exciting for fans.

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