New 'Star Wars' movie release dates

September 2, 2020 – 03:13 am

star wars release datesLucasfilm is working on a total of six "Star Wars" movies that will span across the next several years. Three will be part of a new ongoing trilogy, while the others will be standalone films referred to as anthology movies.

Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn introduced the "Star Wars" projects in the works at D23 with a helpful timeline showing when fans can expect (most of) the new films.

Take a look.

DisneyWalt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn on stage at D23 presenting Lucasfilm's upcoming "Star Wars" projects.

The three movies part of the new trilogy are at the top, while the standalone movies are shown across the bottom portion of the timeline.

The only film missing from here is the third "Star Wars" standalone feature which is expected to be released somewhere after "Star Wars: Episode IX" in 2020.

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