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January 20, 2021 – 10:51 am

inside-movie-posterHorror movies are a funny bird. As you can tell from just looking at your Netflix account or by skimming through the selections of your local Redbox, there are so many of horror films that are produced on a steady basis, and you probably haven’t heard of many of them. I was shocked the other day when I discovered there was an actual horror movie entitled “Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan.” Was the world clamoring for a horror movie about Paul Bunyan? I haven’t seen this yet, and it may be enjoyable in a B-movie sort of way, but scary? When you really think about it, what’s the percentage of horror movies that are made nowadays that can be considered truly terrifying?

Well turn out the lights, throw some magic dust on the fire in honor of the Midnight Society, and hit the jump as I show you five movies guaranteed to scare you this Halloween.

I’ve seen a lot of horror movies in my time, and this is one of the only scary movies where I watched it once, and simply could not revisit it as I was too freaked out to watch it again. Produced in France, this foreign horror flick drops us into the world of a pregnant woman who has recently lost her husband, so she’s struggling to figure out how she wants to spend her life and whether or not she even wants to raise the baby. Cue an image of a woman dressed in black, watching intently from the outside window, brandishing a pair of scissors. What follows is one of the most terrifying “home invasion” stories that has ever been told on film with the woman in black trying to get at our protagonist’s unborn child for reasons that are not revealed until the end of the film.

The deaths in the movie are brutal and really hammer home the idea that death is not something that is quick and clean. There are some particularly horrifying scenes throughout, but the one that got me was close to the end of the film when…Well, you’ll have to just see it for yourself.

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