Universal Studios Hollywood Rides Best Seats Facts

June 10, 2022 – 10:26 am

Thanks to killer rides like Transformers and Revenge of the Mummy, these days Universal Studios Hollywood is a pretty great theme park, and that means - like we did with our 11 Disneyland Secrets - it's time we filled you in on some stuff you probably didn't know about it.

1. There were studio tours from basically day one

Starting in 1915, tours cost 25 cents and included a chicken lunch box.

2. Employees are trained to ask anyone looking lost if they need help

That’s thanks to a multi-level park layout due to the whole thing being built around, you know, a working film studio.

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3. The entire Jurassic Park ride is built around an oak tree

Because in California, it's mad illegal to cut them down!

4. The dude who designed the trams also did the production design for Willy Wonka

Which obviously begs the question: how does one man get to be that creative?

5. The dude who directed Saturday Night Fever was one of the first tour guides

Which obviously begs the question: how do two men get to be that creative?

6. The pool at the WaterWorld show is 30-plus-feet deep

Yep, there's still a WaterWorld show.

7. Michael Bay's plane can be seen in the background of the Transformers ride

Michael Bay has a plane. This really shouldn't be surprising at all.

8. When the War of the Worlds crash site was installed, news stations thought a plane really crashed

Movie magic: confusing people into thinking it's real since before Jimmy Kimmel was a thing.

9. In between the Shrek and WaterWorld attractions on New York Street, actors will randomly appear above you

It's a secret, no-name show that's totally improvised and appears on no maps. Sweet.

10. Jim Carrey once dressed up as the Mother from Psycho and hung out outside the Bates house

Unfortunately, he didn't follow that up by talking out of his butt.

11. There's a hidden, floating Mickey Mouse hat in the water on the Jurassic Park ride

Your move, Minnie.

12. Coming soon: a virtual Simpsons Town of Springfield, with Krusty Burger, Moe's Tavern, and a Duff Brewery

Still unclear: whether there will be anywhere to order blowfish.

13. That Mummy ride? Feels fast, but not actually that fast.

It's actually only going 45mph, tops. Seriously!

14. Your best seats on the tram are in the second or third car - not the first

You'll be totally immersed for the King Kong 360 3-D portion, rather than be all like, "Dude, I can TOTALLY SEE THAT IT'S A SCREEN".

15. When Steven Spielberg rode the Jurassic Park ride, he got off just before the huge drop at the end

Related: during Halloween Horror Nights, they play "Welcome to the Jungle" just before the huge drop at the end.

16. Comic Book Guy payed homage to Back to the Future when that ride closed

He was pictured on the side of the building that would later become The Simpsons Ride wearing Marty McFly’s jacket from BTTFII. Also, where are our hoverboards?

Source: www.thrillist.com

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