Yamaha Artist Services, Hollywood

May 1, 2014 – 02:46 pm

Ken Dapron - Director

AR Responsibilities:
  • Acoustic and Electric Guitar
  • Electric Bass
  • Amps & Effects
Other areas of responsibility:
  • Custom Shop
  • Design & Development

The electric guitar market is an ever-changing pallet of fashion and attitude driven mostly by youthful music trends. The electric guitar is one of the only musical instruments that changes its look, functions and character of sound based on the most current music trend and the artists that drive those trends. As a USA based design team, our biggest challenge is to read into the timing of these trends, which can change almost over night. If our guitar designs dont meet the demands of our customers, we loose the opportunity to present our imaging and exposure with music retailers, consumers and artists.

The Yamaha Guitar Development facility is located in the heart of North Hollywood, California. This state of the art R&D center with a custom shop atmosphere is home to a dedicated and talented staff consisting of artist reps, designers and luthiers that interact daily with top guitarists and bassists from all over the world. Our relationships with these artists is our key to the passion, innovation and craftsmanship of our products. This YGD group is also responsible for artist endorsements (guitar products) and interacts daily with our marketing and design teams in North America, Japan and Europe.

For consideration to be a Yamaha Artist, please mail a Press Kit / Promo Pack to:

Attn: Scott Marceau

Source: www.yamaha.com

Snowman Lee Snowman Lee Colored Flowing Maple Leaf Unique Painting Style Choker Necklace (Silver)
Jewelry (Snowman Lee)
  • Unique flowing maple leaf style
  • With different painting colors
  • Rest smoothly over your chest
  • A great fashion artware to add to your collections
  • Princess featured necklace

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Until We Meet Again.mov Live from North Hollywood
Until We Meet Again.mov Live from North Hollywood
Snowman Lee Snowman Lee Deluxe Style Long Tassels Featured Wild Queen Statement Choker Necklace (Gold)
Jewelry (Snowman Lee)
  • Long tassels deluxe style
  • Let you be the shinest star among people
  • 2 colors to choose from
  • For grand ceremonies
  • Made with great technique
Snowman Lee Snowman Lee Multi Gemstone Style Sparking Exotic Deluxe Style Princess Queen Choker Necklace (Brown)
Jewelry (Snowman Lee)
  • Multi gemstone style
  • Delicately cut
  • Perfect for any clothing
  • A must have for any occasions
  • A great fashion artware to add to your collections
Snowman Lee Snowman Lee Luxury Crown Shaped Snowflake Gemstone Teardrop Decorated Deluxe Princess Choker Necklace (Green)
Jewelry (Snowman Lee)
  • Queen s crown design
  • Teardrop shaped gemstone decorated
  • Deluxe style
  • Made with great technique
  • For grand ceremonies
Romantic Time Romantic Time Wide Chain Manual Sculpture Feather Coins Creative Statement Fashion Pendant Necklace
Jewelry (Romantic Time)
  • A simple retro design
  • Trends in Europe and the wind restoring ancient ways
  • Show women mature fashion beauty
  • Creative design stitching
  • An exhibition of simlicity beauty

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