Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Actors in 2014

March 15, 2015 – 09:15 am

HollywoodWe already showed about top 10 hottest women in the world. Now it’s a time to talk about hottest men. And not only a Hollywood actress is hot but Hollywood actor is also known for his beautiful and impressive acting and also his hot appeal becomes the reason of lifelong success. There are many hot and sexy Hollywood actors which are promising and highly appealing, it is true that their personalities are the proven spells to keep the fans intact with every movie. Here comes the list of top 10 hottest Hollywood actors in 2014.

10. Nicholas Hoult:

Nicholas got fame from his movie Lucky Boyfriend of Jennifer Lawrence. He has so far given us various famous and amazing movies and I can say this with confidence that this hot guy is going to dominate our hearts for many more years.

9. Eric West:

HollywoodMore than his talent and superb acting, Eric is loved by his fans due to his personality. Eric was previously a singer but it was his endless talent and efforts which made him a super cool Hollywood actor of the era. Whether you know it or not but let me tell you that Eric’s singing talent was discovered by Fergie.

8. Paul Walker:

Whenever this hot actor comes to the screens, the heartbeats of the females raise high and high. Why not, Paul is extremely beautiful and impressive. But he is a good and hard working hero as well. Paul’s hot appeal got recognized in various of his movies he did so far.

7. Chris Hemsworth:

HollywoodChris is a wonderful actor, a promising fashion model and of course the brand ambassador of different American companies. Chris has been gifted with amazing acting skills but he also owns a hot and sexy look to make the fans crazier.

6. Henry Cavill:

Henry’s big and attractive posters can be seen everywhere in American cinemas. He is one of the top ranked and famous Hollywood actors and of course a hot and charming guy as well.

5. Douglas Booth:

Douglas Booth is a romantic hero and he really looks like that. He has a beautiful personality and I must say he is the real Romeo of the era. For Douglas, there must be various girls and young women in the world who are ready to become his real-life Juliet.

Hollywood4. Bradley Cooper:

Bradley Cooper has given is some unforgettable movies of all the times like The Hangover. His acting in not only this movie but also in various others is simply amazing. Bradley is a hot and sexy hero who is highly loved by his female fans around the globe.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch:

The graph of Benedict’s fame is doubtlessly very high. He has given us various amazing and interesting movies like and it seems that he still has a long pathway of success to go on.

2. Ben Affleck:

Ben owns extreme level of talent which made him become an Oscar nominee. Ben is basically a thriller and action hero, but in real life he owns a romantic nature. This is why, Ben is always in relationship with one woman or the other. It is, no doubt, his hot and beautiful personality due to which the women cannot keep a control over their feelings.

Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood


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