7 Famous Actors You Didn't Know Had Music Careers

May 30, 2021 – 06:24 pm

Elijah Wood of Wooden Wisdom, with Zach CowieWe’ve seen musicians infiltrate Hollywood plenty. Justin Timberlake has made a healthy career out of chick flicks as well as The Social Network. Will Smith’s rap career preceding his illustrious Hollywood career is no secret. Even LL Cool J and Ice-T have carved out niches for themselves on television. But what about the other side of this coin: Actors with musical aspirations. It’s a tradition that goes as far back as Eddie Murphy. Hollywood is full of artists, and as such many of them won’t settle for simply one medium.

Most don’t make it terribly well-known that they’ve crossed into the musical realm. Others still have become even more famous for it. However much success they’ve found though, you’d be surprised who you find behind the mic.

1. Elijah Wood is one half of a DJ duo known as Wooden Wisdom

You read that right. Elijah Wood, famous for his role as Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is a DJ, and has been for some time now. For the last five years, Wood has been perfecting his craft alongside Zach Cowie as the duo Wooden Wisdom. In that period, he’s played festivals like SXSW as he’s built his image as more than simply an actor. He’s far more than a press-play DJ though, preferring to spin off of crates of vinyl records that he’s accumulated over his time with Cowie. He even just wrapped up a tour of small clubs across the country, hitting cities like Seattle, New York, and Miami along the way.

Source: www.cheatsheet.com

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