Famous Pisces Risings

May 29, 2020 – 10:45 pm

Your rising sign is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the moment that you took your first breath. It's also called the Ascendant of your natal chart.

Rising signs have a lot to do with what we look like, how we present ourselves, and describes the social mask we wear. It's what people see when they first meet you - the first impression. If you have your Sun or Moon in a harmonious aspect with your Ascendant, then others can easily see the real you. If not, then it may take a while to get past the rising sign to see the other parts of your personality underneath.

So what does a Pisces rising look like? I can usually tell by their eyes. They have the most beautiful huge eyes - big limpid pools that you can just sort of lose yourself in. In general the face itself is rather soft, as Pisces itself is a very soft, watery and sensitive sign.

The Pisces rising person would likely present themselves in a softer way as well - probably wouldn't be in an 'in your face' kind of person. They tend to be quite compassionate, caring and very sensitive. Pisces also likes to champion the underdog, and you may see these people getting involved in or spearheading altruistic causes that they really believe in.

Pisces energy is introvert energy, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are always going to be introverts. There could be planets in the first house close to the Ascendant that could mitigate that, or aspects to the Asc as well.

Neptune, one of the co-rulers of Pisces, is also known as the planet of 'glamour'. Glamour has a few connotations here, but the actual definition of glamour is:

"the quality of fascinating, alluring or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good looks. Magic or enchantment ; spell; witchery."

And its true, these people are naturally captivating, charming and alluring. Needless to say, these people are HIGHLY photogenic. Lots of models and actors are Pisces rising.

Here are a few famous Pisces rising people"

Antonio Banderas - he's got the look! He's a Pisces rising, but he also has a lot of fire in his chart, like his Sun in Leo and his Moon in Aries. This creates an almost irresistible combination of soft allure and dynamic sexiness.

Source: comfychairastrology.blogspot.com

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