The charity event "Play for life" was held in Sochi Olympic Park

February 3, 2019 – 05:16 pm

The charity event "Play for life" was held in Sochi Olympic Park on Saturday, December 10. Students of the Russian international Olympic University (RIOU) went to the ice arena "Ice cube" to play Curling and draw attention to the problem of four-year-old Veronika from Sochi. She was born without a right hand and part of her forearm. In the Moscow region, the company "Motorica" for Veronica ready to make a functional prosthesis. Its cost is 163 thousand rubles, which parents do not have. Start to collect this amount planned during the game.

The action was initiated by RIOU students studying under the English program "Master of sports administration". These guys are not only from Russia, but also from 14 countries. Most of them are familiar with the theme of charity: first, they study for grants provided by the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation, and secondly, many of them were volunteers at the Olympic and Paralympic games and participated in charitable initiatives in their countries.

"I have a rich volunteer experience, and I love sports since childhood," says Alexander Grudnev, a student from Stavropol. — About the international campaign #Decrypting we learned from the Potanin Foundation and thought why not join us. After all, we want to be sports managers, but we do not have practice when we create something from scratch. Therefore, it is a chance for us to prove ourselves as a Manager, plus the opportunity to help someone. This is a kind of challenge, a test of our abilities — how much we can organize something, attract people, achieve the goal. Our group began to communicate, there were different ideas. I had experience working with public organizations and understood that it is necessary to find NGOs that know the situation in the city, the real problems and tell you who can help. So we went To the charity Fund "Beam of good"and a month organized a joint action".

The Foundation has been working in Sochi for two years and helps seriously ill children, as well as children from large and low-income families.

"We are raising funds to pay for medicines, operations, flights, accommodation in the city where the child is operated on, and subsequent rehabilitation, — says the President Of the charity Fund" Luch dobra " Alexandra Oleynik. - I was contacted by Alexander and offered to organize a sports event in the framework of the action"Generous Tuesday". We have identified the recipient of aid: the Veronica we know two years, has now reached the age where she can make the prosthesis. We were approached by our parents, and we agreed to help raise money for a prosthesis and a flight for mother and girl to Moscow. For carrying out a sports action we needed the closed room. And many thanks to the Ice cube - these are our friends, partners, who immediately responded and provided the arena for free."Charity event "Play for life" was held in Sochi Olympic Park

It was planned to hold two games — football and Curling. But the weather in December in Sochi showed a stormy nature - the whole day was pouring rain, so the football match on the street had to be canceled. But under the Olympic dome serious passions inflamed — even those who never stood on the ice, only about 40 people entered the arena. After the briefing and a little training, the international teams entered the competition with passion.

"This day was exciting for me, I first stood on the ice, fell in a lot, laughed, and learned to play Curling, to interact in a team, — shares her impressions a student from Nigeria, a sports journalist Ololade, Adevi. — We also got acquainted with the legacy of the Olympic games in Sochi, it is a cosmopolitan city, a very interesting place, there are a lot of positive people. We decided to participate in this global charity event because we have something to share. I would like to help raise funds for the purchase of a prosthesis for a little girl to make her feel much better. For me it is an attempt to give, to make a good contribution to the society in which I live now."

The scheme of fundraising was simple: before the action, each participant or guest made a donation to the box of the Fund "Beam of good", located at the reception. At the end of the game, the box was opened, the money was recalculated and an act was drawn up — all managed to collect 15 960 rubles. Now the money will be reserved in the Fund's account until the required amount is reached. The fundraising will continue on the Internet. Veronica can be supported on the Foundation's page.

"It was a great idea to unite and through the game to help the child, to participate in a charity event and thereby integrate into the local community, — said a student from Portugal Ivo Pereira Carvalhosa. — We had many events at the University of Portugal, including charity ones. I tried to apply the knowledge and experience that I had already accumulated and experienced very positive feelings. On the one hand, we enjoy communicating with each other. On the other hand, we enjoy helping others. It's great to be a part of such a charity event in Russia."

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