Where to watch free movies online – the legal way

January 30, 2021 – 12:01 pm

crackle-logoThe rise of broadband Internet has ushered in a new era of media consumption. Blazing fast connection speeds have made it possible to stream just about anything imaginable, and while there are millions of sites out there that supposedly offer high quality versions of the latest movies, most of them are just as trustworthy as they are legal (i.e. not at all). We know that many of you reading this are film fanatics, and you like to support filmmakers and studios when you can, but you’re also on a budget. We’ve put together this list of sites where you can watch movies online for free without breaking any laws and without jeopardizing your computer’s security. The following sites are the most trustworthy video streaming services on the Web and combined have more movies than you could watch in a lifetime – so get streaming.

This guide has been updated since it was originally published to include additional services. DT writer Jacob O’Gara contributed to this article.

Crackle is owned by Sony, so it features a robust lineup of movies and TV shows in flash format from Sony Pictures Entertainment.YouTube-logo-full_color In their collection of full-length movies, you’ll find a good number of blockbuster hits, along with generous smattering of obscure b-movies. They’ve got a strong library of freebies, but there are a couple downsides to it. Rather than keeping movies on the site indefinitely, Crackle tends to cycle through movies, posting the most popular titles for a limited amount of time.topdocumentaryfilms For example, at time of writing, they’re offering Bad Boys and Bottle Rocket, both of which expire at the end of June. After that, they’ll disappear and be replaced with other popular titles. Another drawback is that the movies are often interrupted by advertisements and there’s no way around them. The ads aren’t as frequent as they are in movies that play on network television, but it’s still somewhat annoying. All that aside, we like how easy the site is to navigate and as long as you check it every couple of weeks, it’s a great place to find free movies.

hulu snagfilms

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Gameloft MY LITTLE PONY - Friendship is Magic
Mobile Application (Gameloft)
  • Meet Twilight Sparkle and your favorite ponies!
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  • Hang out and interact with your ponies!
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Amazon.com Amazon Underground
Mobile Application (Amazon.com)
  • The Amazon Underground app includes enhanced features that aren t available on the Amazon Shopping app found on Google Play
  • Shop millions of items including movies, TV shows, songs, books, apps, games, and audiobooks
  • Get over $10, in apps, games and even in-app items that are actually free (available in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France)
  • Stream Amazon Instant Video movies and TV episodes via the Amazon Instant Video player
  • Quickly search, get product details, and read reviews on millions of products on-the-go
  • Find products, read reviews and compare prices instantly by scanning a barcode and using your phone s camera.
  • Get notifications on the latest deals and track your orders
  • Instantly scan Amazon gift cards and apply them to your Amazon account using your phones camera
  • Tap the microphone icon and say track order or track my last order or where is my camera? to see your open orders. Reorder items quickly by saying reorder...
  • Buy with confidence, knowing that all transactions are securely processed

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