10 Celebs You'd Never Guess Went Full Frontal On Film

December 2, 2013 – 03:02 pm

Many celebrities choose roles with nudity as a way of expressing their artistic taste as well as their professional acting ranges. Although not every actor has what it takes to do full-frontal nudity, those that tackle the challenge show both confidence and courage.

  • Elizabeth Berkley

    Known for her role as Jessie Spano on the hit television series "Saved by the Bell, " Elizabeth Berkley stunned audiences when she transitioned into films that are more adult in nature. She claimed the lead role in the 1995 movie "Showgirls, " flexing her acting muscles and showing courage by going nude. Although the film is blatantly about strippers and showgirls, audiences were shocked to see her exposing it all.

  • Richard Gere

    Esteemed actor Richard Gere has an impressive repertoire of films under his belt, including "Pretty Woman" and "Chicago." In the 1980 film "American Gigolo, " Gere showed more than just his handsome face when he partook in full frontal nudity. Although his nude scenes were brief, they are infamous as one of the first times that a major actor did full-frontal nudity in a movie.

  • Christian Bale

    For his role in "American Psycho, " Bale showed off much more than just his acting chops. The part of Patrick Bateman included various sex and murder scenes, culminating in the violent sociopath wielding a chainsaw naked.

  • Nicole Kidman

    Speaking of Christian Bale, he starred opposite Nicole Kidman during her foray into on-screen nudity. In "Eyes Wide Shut, " Kidman plays a young wife prone to sexual fantasy.

  • Elle Macpherson

    Model, actress, and television host Elle Macpherson's claim to fame is having the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a record five times. Her film credits include "Jane Eyre, " "Batman & Robin" and "The Edge." For her role in the 1994 movie "Sirens, " Macpherson showed off her winning figure by going completely nude.

  • Mariel Hemingway

    Actress Mariel Hemingway started her acting career at the young age of 16. Since then, she has landed roles in films like "Manhattan, " and "Star 80." In 1982, Mariel starred in the film "Personal Best" in which she played a bisexual track athlete and showcased her body in a racy scene.

  • Bruce Willis

    Actor Bruce Willis started his career in the 1980s on television and eventually migrated to film. Renowned for his role in the "Die Hard" franchise, Willis also has movies like "The Sixth Sense" and "The Fifth Element" in his collection. For the 1994 thriller "Color of Night, " Willis starred as Bill Capa and went completely nude for some of the movie's most erotic scenes.

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