YouTube Pushes Free Full-Length Movie Section - Here's What to Watch

August 3, 2021 – 09:57 pm
After becoming a mecca for everything from fan sobbing to music videos and pirated films, YouTube finally decided to get into the legit film rental business. Sundance films were offered up for a small fee, but it was deemed a flop, having less than 1500 rentals for five films. They followed that up with allowing filmmakers to put up their own films and charge a rental fee. Now, after the money aspects seem lackluster at best - especially in a world with unlimited Netflix streaming "rentals" - YouTube has jumped into the free market, fueling films with commercial interruptions.

Though, as The New York Times pointed out earlier this year, there has been some free, older titles on the site for a while, YouTube is now primed to battle Hulu and other free-film sites with their own selections. Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of B and C schlock on the list, and many movies already available on free platforms, which we've detailed in our on-going Free Flick of the Day (Open Your Eyes, Smiley Face). But there are some gems to check out as well. Hit the jump and dig in.

Falling Angels
- Watch
A black comedy (located in YouTube under drama) based on Barbara Gowdy's novel, the film focuses on a severely dysfunctional family during the 1960s in Canada. Mom (Miranda Richardson) is emotionally damaged, Dad (Callum Keith Rennie) is overbearing, desperate, and cold, and the daughters range from a strong-willed and defiant argument-starter to a gentle, feminine, wanna-be homemaker. Humor is mixed with sadness as the girls struggle with their identities and a family secret that explains their dysfunction.

We Are Wizards - Watch
Twilight isn't the only series with a documentary. Josh Koury's documentary explores the world that bubbled up around J.K. Rowling's iconic blockbuster series. Salon called it "a highly enjoyable illustration of how, even in the limited universe of pop culture, people create, refract and remix their own stories."


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