Best Los Angeles Studio Tours

July 9, 2021 – 08:15 pm

The set of Central Perk from FRIENDS on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Discount TicketsEver wanted to see the batmobile? Sit on the couch at Central Perk? Peruse an entire floor of authentic Harry Potter props? Now’s your chance!

You’ll visit a number of exterior sets and some sound stages, special departments that focus on areas like props, set construction, and costuming, and the Studio Tour museum. (If you happen to visit on a rainy day, the tour will still run but will show you more of the indoor sights instead.)

Because no two days on a Hollywood production set are the same, no two Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tours are the same!

As you visit the sets of some of your favorite on-air television programs, it’s likely you’ll run into some celebrities. Make sure you tell your tour guide what you want to see most, as every tour is geared towards visitors’ interests.

Set of Jeopardy Being Filmed at Sony StudiosYou might spot stars on set for The Big Bang Theory, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Conan, Pretty Little Liars, The Mentalist, Chuck, Mike & Molly, and many more.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Because Warner Brothers Studio is always working on new and exciting projects, it’s a safety concern for young children to be on set. Consequently, children under 8 are not permitted on the tour.
  • This tour is available by reservation, so don’t forget to make one, especially during the busy summer months. Plan to arrive 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled tour. Sundays have limited availability, and we actually recommend trying to go on a weekday if it fits your schedule.
  • Remember, this tour includes a lot of walking! Wear appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing.
  • Photography is only allowed in some areas, so pay attention to your tour guide’s instructions on that topic. Large bags and videocameras are not permitted.


Keep an eye out for celebrities! As the largest working studio in the world, there’s no end to the people you might run into! Don’t forget to stop by the WB store to pick up some souvenirs from your favorite show.

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