5 Quick Ways to Find Free Full Length Movies on YouTube

January 21, 2022 – 05:21 am
We all love watching a good movie at home, without having to get out of the house, put our good clothes on and pay a cinema ticket. It’s much nicer to wear cozy pajamas and crawl under your blanket while eating homemade popcorn and watching a movie online for free. YouTube, together with various streaming websites, became a good option when it comes to free full-length movies.

About two years ago, the first pirated movies were posted on YouTube; however, it did not take long until they’ve been taken down. Since a year ago, though, these movies are back, and everybody started replacing Reddit with YouTube when it comes to black-hat options. These are the so-called “cammed” movies – illegally recorded in cinemas and uploaded to the internet afterwards.
Being still a new way to watch films online for free, many of us are yet not very familiar with how to find them. This is why this article is going to take you through a few tips and tricks that will show you exactly how to find a free movie on Youtube.

add filterJust search for a “Full Movie”

A simple way of finding these is my typing the name of the movie you’re looking for and then add “full movie” or “full-length movie” to it. Sometimes you will be able to find it, while some other times it might have not been posted yet. Especially when it comes to very new movies, the chances of it being available online are lower than they are in the case of an old film.

To do this, simply go to the top of the Youtube page and click inside of the Search bar, so you can write the name of the movie. You can then type in the title followed by any additional descriptions indicating that you’re looking for the whole movie, and not just a trailer.

filter searchFilter your movies by length

When you take a look at your search’s results, you’re going to notice that they vary in length and type – you might see short trailers, recordings from the movie, full shows, and whole movies. In order to make sure you get the exact result you’re looking for, you can easily apply a filter after you searched for the movie.

In order to do this, you have to go to the top of the page, under the Search bar, and look for a tab that says Filters. Once you click on it, there will be features such as the date, type, duration, etc. If you want to filter the results by length, you should click on the Long option under Duration. This one includes all recordings that are over 20 minutes, which means both short movies (a cartoon can sometimes be 30 minutes long) and longer ones (a proper movie can sometimes even be 3 hours long).

Filters within the Search Bar

Instead of adding a filter after you looked for something, you can also filter the results within the Search Bar. Instead of simply typing the name of the movie you’re looking for you can write the title down, add a comma, and then write movie.

In a similar way, you can also look for movies by genre, actor, actress, director, and many others. For example, if you’re looking for a movie with Will Smith in in, you’re going to type “Will Smith, movie” – by inserting a comma before the word “movie” you add this one as a filter. Once you hit Enter, the filter Movie will have been added under the Search bar.

Source: techpp.com

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