Netflix Reveals New Movies Coming Out this October 2015: 'Cold

July 20, 2022 – 11:51 am
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Movie lovers need not wait as the huge TV and movie streaming service is about to release a number of movies in October 2015, including comedy classics that fans will surely watch over and over again.

Co-written by Kenneth Lonergan, "Analyze This, " is about to leave Netflix. The movie revolves around the life of a mobster played by Robert de Niro, and his shrink, Billy Crystal, as the two deliver sharp and well-structured jokes that will stick into the minds of viewers.

For a taste of Barry Levinson before his new film "Rock the Kasbah" releases, fans are encouraged to revisit one of his overlooked but worth it movies, "Bandits." The movie stars Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton as they give life a funny crime story line.

"Cold Mountain" is for the romantic who prefers beautifully filmed epics. While Jude Law and Nicole Kidman make for amazing leads that give more beauty to the story, Slash Film says it is the "colorful supporting characters" that make the most of the movie.

"This Is Spinal Tap" portrays a "mockumentary" of England's most "bland" rock band Spinal Tap, which makes for a perfect rise and fall rockstar comedy for Rob Reiner fans.

With Mel Brooks always getting the best out of Gene Wilder, the comedy in "The Producers, " is one that sees the distinct performances of both Wilder and Zero Mostel. Brooks puts in an epic movie that has marked the hearts of audiences for many years.

While many elders already know of the swooning effect "Romeo + Juliet" has had on viewers, teenagers are urged to take a look at the fairly cinematic and bold adaptation of the great William Shakespeare's most famous work.


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