RFD | Real Food Daily: Organic Vegan Cuisine

January 11, 2015 – 11:34 am

RFD: Real Food Daily in West HollywoodBefore we left for our trip to Australia in October, we first spent a few days in California. One of the things I love the most about California is that vegan and vegetarian food is readily available. I read about Real Food Daily, which is Southern California’s premier organic plant-based restaurant created by Ann Gentry and knew that we had to make our way over there and fast! There’s plenty of on street parking right in front of the restaurant at meters as well as valet parking after 6 pm.Real Food Daily coffee bar and counter area Apparently, we were somewhat of an anomaly as we walked over to the restaurant from our hotel, which was all of one mile away. Only afterwards did we notice that no one really spends much time walking, which is such a shame considering the constant gorgeous weather they have there.

When you enter Real Food Daily, the coffee bar and counter is immediately in front of you. Turn to the left to find the hostess stand to be seated where we could choose to sit either inside or out on the patio. We didn’t have to wait more than a few seconds before someone came over and escorted us to a table. Lea Michele, Julia Stiles, Jessica Biel, Tobey Maguire, and Jake Gyllenhaal are just a few of the many celebrities that frequent Real Food Daily so you never know who might be enjoying healthy, organic vegan food near you when you take your seat.

The decor of the restaurant is what I might describe as industrial chic with open rafters and exposed ductwork, minimalist artwork, and metals mixed with pale green, yellow, white, and pops of orange. One of the really cool things about the restaurant is that they used refurbished wood salvaged from Indonesia to make the table tops and the bar.

Real Food Daily can readily accommodate small groups of diners as well as couples or those dining alone. I did witness people of all ages enjoying their food as well as families with small children. Real Food Daily is truly the kind of restaurant that welcomes everyone, whether a celebrity or parents with little ones.


Source: travelshopgirl.com

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  • avatar What is the address of the Real Food Daily in West Hollywood?
    • Real Food Daily is located at 414 N La Cienega Blvd in West Hollywood, CA. Their phone number is 310-289-9910. soon!