Some West Hollywood Residents Sweltering Mad About Planned Power Outages in Face of Heat Wave

November 7, 2018 – 02:11 pm

SoCal Edison LogoThe company is named for the well-known genius who’s intrinsically linked to the light bulb—but some West Hollywood residents are grumbling that it’s not such a bright idea for Southern California Edison to proceed with planned power outages during a blistering heat wave.

On Twitter, Edison has responded to some frustrated Tweets from people upset about outages. The company has Tweeted that it has “cancelled all non-essential outages due to the heatwave.” But tonight’s work in WeHo apparently has been deemed essential and is slated to continue as scheduled. In addition to complaints on social media, has heard from an irate WeHo City Hall staffer who anonymously sounded off on the scheduled outages.

Southern California Edison spokesman Paul Griffo confirmed that the work slated for tonight is moving forward as scheduled. He said he could not yet confirm whether work planned for future days would still continue as planned.

“We know it’s difficult to be without power, ” Griffo said. He said that some work is critical and “we have to proceed.”

Southern California Edison earlier had described its series of projects in West Hollywood as part of a major planned rebuilding of infrastructure, which would suggest that tonight’s power shut-down wasn’t something that had to be done in response to an immediate problem. But Griffo said he could not speak as to why the specific work planned for tonight is time-sensitive. Griffo said that a number of factors are considered, including the health and safety of customers and employees.

WeHo City Councilmember Jeffrey Prang on Tuesday distributed an e-mail blast with details about the dates, times and affected areas of the scheduled outages. (Prang noted that affected customers will be or have been notified by Edison.)

Here is a list of scheduled work, per Prang’s e-mail:

• Wednesday, Sept. 17 – 7 p.m.-7 a.m.

Melrose/Huntley area, including the Pacific Design Center and some businesses on Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue


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