target after dark: the Twilight release

April 2, 2015 – 11:34 am

If I told you that I worked this past Friday evening, what would be your response? It may be something like “I’m sorry” or “too bad!” You may be surprised to learn just how excited I was to have the opportunity to do so! If you haven’t yet realized, this Friday marked an adventurous midnight movie release event for Target: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1.

While not a through-and-through fan of vampire (or werewolf for the ‘Team-Jacob’ fans) flicks, the 12am Saturday release was an excellent opportunity to partake in what those of us who are ‘Target-ized’ would refer to as a Fast, Fun and Friendly event. Fast, Fun and Friendly events can consist of something as simple as a movie release, volunteering at a food bank, or taking time to read at an elementary school. This particular event was created to provide Target ‘guests’ the opportunity to purchase their own copy of Breaking Dawn at its midnight release, while showing an exclusive five-minute clip from the upcoming ‘Part 2, ’ set for release in November ’12. The Target-exclusive DVD copy even came with an exclusive prop used during the actual movie!

As lines and excitement began to build on Friday evening, I felt more like one of the crowd than a team member. While speaking to the crowd as they waited in eager anticipation of the 12am deadline, I observed waiting guests playing card games, taking pictures, laughing, and enjoying time spent with family and friends. After giving the line a closer look, I noticed that many in line were Target team members waiting for their chance to snag a copy of the DVD and watch the preview! As the deadline neared and the countdown began, loud (ironically) utterances of “sshhhhh!” swept over the crowd. Anxious guests (and team members) moved closer to the TVs in hopes of a clear view, in what is best described as pin-drop silence.

It was at this point that it hit me: I was having fun at a Twilight movie release. It never ceases to amaze me how unpredictable and inspiring my job can be at the same time! Where else would I have the opportunity to interact with guests and team members wearing vampire teeth, pose for photos beside a cardboard cut-out of Edward and Bella (for the Team-Edward fans), and get paid? Not many places! That’s one more reason I love my job—outside of the personal and professional satisfaction that we all seek, I’m continuously stimulated by the endless number of unique experiences and interactions that Target has to offer.


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