Deaf and Hard of Hearing Figures in Popular Culture  

April 10, 2014 – 11:16 am

These actors are listed in alphabetical order (by last name). Please click on the link on their name in order to go to their IMDB page for more information.

Sean Berdy is a Deaf actor best known for his role as "Emmett Bledsoe" in the popular show, "Switched at Birth". Berdy's other movie appearances include "The Deaf Family", "The Legend of the Mountain Man", "The Bondage", and "The Sandlot 2". Berdy is one of the best known young Deaf actors. Here is a great clip of him signing Enrique Iglesias' song "Hero". Click here to go to the video.

Bernard Bragg is a Deaf performer, writer, director, and artist, and was a founder of the National Theater of the Deaf. Bragg was born Deaf and had two Deaf parents. He was credited by the New York Times as "The leading professional deaf actor in the country." Bragg studied miming and had a character called "The Quiet Man". He was part of an experiment by NBC in 1967 to gauge the interest of sign language on television. The special was aired, but was quickly deemed as inappropriate for television due to the use of sign language. His major film credits include "And Your Name is Jonah", "No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie", and "See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary".

Lou Ferrigno suffers from permanent hearing loss due to an ear infection as a child. Ferrigno, best known for playing characters Bruce Banner/the "Incredible Hulk" beginning in 1978, is also a bodybuilder. Ferrigno voiced the Incredible Hulk in 2012's "The Avengers". Ferrigno underwent a surgical procedure to implant a hearing device called the "Esteem", which is a cochlea stimulator (different from a cochlear implant). He reported that he now has "normal" hearing and can hear many things that he had never heard before.

Russell Harvard is a deaf actor who first appeared on the big screen on "There Will Be Blood" in 2007. He is most known in the Deaf community for portraying FC fighter Matt Hamill in the movie about Hamill's life, "The Hammer", which released in 2010. He also starred in the prouction of "Tribes", an off broadway play in which he played a deaf son in a dysfunctional hearing family. The play got very good reviews. Harvard was also seen in a music video of an ASL interpretation of the Black Eyed Peas' song "The Time". Click here to see the video. He also does other music videos by popular artists in ASL.


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