Calendar of Kids and Family Movie Releases (2014)

January 22, 2019 – 04:13 am

Into the Woods - Witch - Photo © DisneyPhoto © Disney

Here is a list of the new kids and family movies coming out in 2014. Most of the movies included are rated G or PG, but with the recent explosion of PG-13 titles that are aimed at and marketed to families and kids (superhero movies, adventures movies and such), I have included some PG-13 titles for the benefit of parents with older kids. New updates are coming for the 2014 movie slate every day, and these release dates may change.

  • (February 7, PG): LEGO sets based on movies have been extremely popular. Now, the LEGOs have a movie of their own! For more info, read a review of The LEGO Movie.
  • (February 28, PG-13): This stunningly animated Miyazaki film tells a historical story weaved in fantasy, dreams and romance.
  • (March 7, PG): Based on a 1960s Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon series, this animated adventure takes viewers on a wild travel through time.
  • (March 21): Based on the dystopian book trilogy by Veronica Roth.

*Some movies listed on this calendar may be rated PG-13. I list all movies that are categorized as family or children's movies. So that parents can be aware, I also list movies that are marketed to kids and that kids will probably be wanting to see (like super hero movies and adventure films).


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